Cybersecurity Strategy


29 october - Webinar together with the Polish Embassy


The increase of the contagious curve and the update of the Covid 19 safety rules did not allow us to carry out the event in presence at the Polish Embassy, ​​as scheduled, but it did not prevent us from broadcasting the meeting via webinar.

These are the main  speakers   who took turns at the microphone:

Live from Warsaw, Ambassador Tadeusz Chomicki, head of the security policy department of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Dr. Massimo Tedeschi, CTO of Leonardo's Cyber ​​Division. Two members intervened with a cameo, for GPI Dr. Federico Hornbostel, President of GPI Polska also live from Warsaw and for Vantea Smart, Dr. Luciano Ricci, Sales, Innovation, Partnerships, M&A Director.

Our member  Prof. Stefano Crisci, Professor of Regulation Law at La Sapienza University and Project Leader of our A.I  Team, introduced the topic and coordinated the speeches.

Agnieszka Hoppen Kiklowicz, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Poland, in the absence - for health reasons - of Ambassador Anna Maria Anders and - for Diplomatia the President Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta, made the salutation addresses. Sabina Ciuffa, one of the association's Coordinators, intervened for a brief update on Diplomatia's activity. The conclusions and thanks to the speakers were provided by the Senior Vice President,  lawyer Francesco Ago.

 During the conference, several potential solutions of  extraordinary impact emerged, summarized below by Stefano Crisci

 Ambassador Tadeusz Chomicki, for example, highlighted how essential is the lightning-fast response to cyber attacks with specific tools and - the development of suitable technologies to specifically protect 5g; a series of deterrent and exemplary sanctions; the punctual verification of all suppliers in the European territory. In addition, the development of long-term policies by balancing within the framework of the NATO agreement both the autonomy of the member countries and the alliance in the transatlantic pact , as well as establishing  competent centers to liaise all countries.

Massimo Tedeschi underlined that his company, Leonardo, is focused on Cyber ​​attacks on public infrastructures such as the health sector but also for defense and aerospace. It is important to maintain a high level of supplychain protection with an approach that must necessarily be at 360 degrees, from the security of meetings to data control. He suggested developing a totally innovative model of the Italian approach to the issue of security.

Hornbostel highlighted the important aspects on which GPI focuses at this time, as through the Italian embassy GPI is present in the Department of Health. First of all, the continuous and constant control of cloud implementation, focusing on suppliers; who provides Security and this must be monitored carefully. Furthermore, in a peer to peer solving approach, carry out constant monitoring on competitors and third-party servers. A broader control of the data processed is a further solution offered by the company. GPI is primarily focused on control in the evolution of technological phenomena , and its approach can basically be summarized in three key steps: study-development-evolution.

Vantea Smart represented by Luciano Ricci, has always paid great attention to the implementation of the study of processes as technology develops and evolves. Cyber ​​Security has changed again and is in a continuous magmatic evolution. Therefore an impressive implementation of attention to processes is required. During Covid and because of it, we have changed our way of living , thinking and working. The ways of processing data and information have therefore changed. Vantea Smart offers tool kit solutions for companies, taylor made, with consequent awareness of the specialization and reliability of processes.


It emerges that only with coordinated and continuous action - whose effectiveness lies in a multiplicity of factors, not least that of sharing among all operators at all levels and, therefore, with powerful training - it will be possible to protect society, the supply chain, the security of webinars, brand reputation, digital identity, healthcare and whatever else this fascinating digital revolution brings with it.

 Our members can in any case, if they wish, access to the complete recording of the conversation.







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