Artificial intelligence. Algorithm ethics and data protection. What future for man?


When we decided to promote an event on Artificial Intelligence, it seemed natural to involve the Ambassador of Japan Keiichi Katakami who immediately declared himself available to host the meeting at his residence, the splendid Villa inside the Egerio Park.
On June 19, after the introduction of the diplomat of the Rising Sun, which has emphasized the goal of his country to "create a 5.0 society, where innovation helps to achieve a balance between economic progress and social issues, following an approach focused on the human person ", Stefano Crisci, Stefano Quintarelli and Walter Ruffinoni discussed each other.
The authoritative speakers were masterly presented by Elena Di Giovanni, member of our Board and co-founder of Comin & Partner. Elena, together with her collaborators, contributed decisively to the realization of the meeting.
Crisci, professor of Market Regulation at the La Sapienza University of Rome, invited the audience to reflect on the legal issues that are raised by the huge amount of data we have today and which are continually processed by artificial intelligence (AI) through the "machine learning. "Who governs them? Who makes them move? The attention - he explained - must focus on the algorithm and the balance that must be found between regulation and freedom of private initiative ".
Stefano Quintarelli has placed an emphasis on ethical component, an element that must necessarily be at the base of the data processing algorithms and programming.
Quintarelli, an IT expert and blogger, was recently selected by the European Commission in the expert task force, which by mid-2019 will have to develop a series of recommendations on the principles to be followed for the development of artificial intelligence.
Walter Ruffinoni, the manager at the head of the Italian branch of the Japanese communications giant, NTT, spoke about his personal experience after many trips to the Asian country and underlined how Japan has faced the challenge deriving from the new relationship between man and machine .
Ruffinoni explained how robotics, big data, the cloud and social networks make it possible to do business achieving results unthinkable a few years ago and how to use them profitably in the Italian reality, creating jobs and wealth.
Spectacular trays of tasty sushi were the setting for the pleasant reception that the host offered to the guests at the end of the event.

Location: residence of the Ambassador of Japan

The speakers were:
Stefano Crisci Professor of Market Regulation at La Sapienza University
Stefano Quintarelli Technology Entrepreneur
Walter Ruffinoni CEO of NTT Data Italia


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