These are real work meetings tailored for those responsible of economic and commercial activities in he Embassies and for executives of companies and institutions, aiming to a better understanding  and knowledge of  the countries, companies and associated institutions, in order to identify concrete job opportunities.


Displayed: 1993

25 May 1993 - Il Credito Italiano

Location: Palazzo Verospi - Credito Italiano.

Ospiti d'onore: Pier Carlo Marengo, Amministratore Delegato Credito Italiano

G. Egidio Bruno, Amministratore Delegato Credito Italiano


25 March 1993 - "Il Gruppo ERG"

Location: Casina Valadier.

Ospiti d'onore: Riccardo Garrone, Presidente ERG SpA

Domenico D'Arpizio, Amministratore Delegato, ERG SpA



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