Diplomatia is a unique association of its kind, created 25 years ago from an idea of Stefano Balsamo. It plays roles of institutional and international importance. It has among its members Ambassadors to the Quirinale, senior institutional members and representatives of the world's top financial and entrepreneurial worlds.

The aim is especially to encourage direct and informal meetings at the highest level to establish a constructive dialogue on issues of topical relevance, encouraging opportunities for synergies and improve the understanding of other countries in order to pursue real working chances.

The peculiarity of Diplomatia is, in fact, in the comparison and in the qualified contribution of experiences in the context of regular private meetings that, in order to ensure complete freedom of expression and the sincere critical assessment of opinions involved, are held informally and off the records. 


Diplomatia is neither a club nor an academy, it is an institution, maybe unique in Europe, which in its  frequent meetings allows the diplomatic and institutional representatives  as to the exponents of economic, financial and productive world,  to share their knowledge and competence.


Particular merit goes  to the personalities of international reputation who, in accepting our invitation, have enriched the content of our meetings.



DIPLOMATIA is an institution that, in the words of the former President of the Republic Senator Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, "promotes the exchange of ideas and debate, moving nimbly from the government plan to that of economy and civil society. Diplomatia places and enriches the Italian dimension in the European Union and in the wider global perspective, of the entire international community and the United Nations." spoken at the meeting with the members at the Quirinal. see more...

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